Why Is Rhinoplasty The Most Popular Type Of Plastic Surgery?

The most common part of human face many people doesnt like is nose. It may be too big, too small, too long or short, pointed, uneven, etc. Some people are bothered by it so much that their self-esteem suffers, sometimes ruining large periods of life. In order to fix the situation, the procedure of rhinoplasty was created.

With its development, many new features, techniques and approaches were discovered for the best result achievement. Now we have non-surgical rhinoplasty, opened and closed approaches that help both the doctors to have a better view on the necessary bone (open) and the client to eliminate the possibility of scar appearance (closed).

Why Nose?

Nose is the most visible part of the face. Even a slight change of its shape, tip, bridge, the angle between nose and upper lip, the distance between the nostrils can change the whole face and make it look more balanced and beautiful.

Why Did the Demand for Rhioplasty Rise?

Since 2014, despite the cost of rhinoplasty NYC that may be pretty high, the procedure itself have been experiencing a rapid rise of its popularity. The most important reason for such a rising demand are:

Modern trends.
Celebrities contribution.
The development of the surgery process.

Many young people want to look like their favorite actors and singers or just look proper for modern standards. Even though the trend of natural beauty is becoming more and more powerful, most people doesnt comprehend the meaning of this movement, still trying to change their faces.

One more important reason is birth defects. Many people around the world have been suffering from certain defects that make their health condition worse. Some nasal shapes cause serious difficulties with breathing that may lead to serious diseases. In such a case rhinoplasty is vital. And with the development of modern medicine more people can afford plastic surgery.

Popular Types of Rhinoplasty in NYC

Reduction rhinoplasty.
This is one of the most popular procedures, as it gives you a more proportionate nose as the result. Bridge bumps are removed, nasal tip and nostrils balanced.

Augmentation rhinoplasty.
During such a procedure a surgeon grafts the bone or tissue up the nasal bridge or tip. Its possible to use additional cartilage from other areas or use a synthetic material.

Post-traumatic rhinoplasty.
This type is applied if the patient has injured his or her nose. The procedure will improve both the appearance of the nose and its functionality. The nose is straightened and the nasal septum is corrected. Depending on the severity of the injury the treatment may go on for 10 days to several months.

Asian ethnic rhinoplasty in nyc.
This one involved elements from all previously described types, but its usually performed on patients of African American, Afro-Caribbean, Hispanic or Asian origin. The reason is that their nasal tissues are more soft, as well as their noses shapes, thats why some special care and skills are required.

Reconstructive rhinoplasty.
This type is applied if the patient has lost the nose partially or fully due to certain reasons. The nose is restored using flap techniques, skin grafts, etc.

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