5 Health Benefits Of A Low Fat Raw Vegan Diet

High Energy Levels

Most people who try out a low fat raw vegan diet praise the abundant energy that comes along with it. The simple sugars in fruit are easily converted to glucose for your brain and muscle tissue. Eating enough carbohydrates gives you continuous energy,
without ever crashing. And since fruit digests so fast, less energy will be going towards digestion. So there will be more energy available for daily activities.

Clear, Smooth, Acne Free Skin

Why do people get acne? The skin is the largest detoxifying organ in the body. Your body will try to push the toxins out of your skin in an attempt to cleanse itself. When people put toxins in their body in the form of different “foods” like processed milk, meats, cooked meals, the body wants to try to eliminate them as quickly as possible. The skin is a
simple way to do so. The easiest way to eliminate acne is to eliminate the toxic foods. Then, focus on eating a few veggies for the minerals and low-fat vegan foods in the form of fruits as the calorie and vitamin supply are abundant.

Makes You Happier

There are many causes of “the blues” such as a lack of carbohydrates, dehydration, overload of toxins, not enough nourishment, bad life events, etc.. When you don’t consume enough carbohydrates, the mind cannot produce the happy chemical known as “Serotonin.” This serotonin deficiency is a source of depression. Low-fat raw vegan foods furnish
the needed vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates that your body requires for the brain. Since the low fat raw vegan lifestyle is abundant with carbohydrates, the body will produce plenty of serotonin, the happy organic chemical.

Improved Digestion

Meat can take up to 7 days to digest, low-fat vegan foods that are raw and fruit like watermelons only takes as little as 20 minutes to digest. If you do follow a low-fat vegan diet, what does this mean for you? A nice flat stomach and little to no gas and great nutrient absorption.

Stable Blood Sugar Levels

The cure to type 2 Diabetes on a low-fat vegan diet! Too much fat is the cause of diabetes. On a naturally low-fat vegan diet, the sugar be converted to glucose quickly and will enter the bloodstream. It is then stored in the cells in the form of glycogen and used by the body in a period. This cycle is broken when a diet is too laden with fat is in place. The fat
takes up to 48 hours to leave the bloodstream. Fat reduces the circulation of blood and coats the cells, making it extremely hard for converting to sugar. When converted, this induces an excess of sugar in the blood, and within hours of overeating fat, one can become diabetic.

Being on a low-fat raw vegan can diet cure type 2 diabetes within 21 days. Following a 21-day green juice feast will reverse type II diabetes and to keep diabetes at bay, continue to follow a vegan diet low in fat.