How Integrative Oncology Is Changing Care For Cancer Patients

What is integrative oncology and the benefits for cancer patients?

The conventional way of treating cancer uses surgery the majority of the time to remove the tumor and then chemotherapy and radiation to kill off diseased cells. Conventional cancer treatments can sometimes be so damaging
that patients simply can’t take it anymore as the nausea and vomitting are too much and they know instinctually that it isn’t right.

Today, with all the advances being made, you no longer have to fall for the fear tactic and go that route. You can choose integrative oncology which allows patients to be healed naturally with therapies that work with their body and cause no further damage.

It helps patients with positive thinking. Research has shown that positive thought goes a ways in helping patients get better quicker. Additionally, it seems to lower the odds of a relapse

Integrative oncology is the cohesive method of bring together what works best from western medicine and what works best from eastern medicine. Western medicine offers a better form of chemotherapy known as insulin potentiation therapy which delivers only 3% the toxic dose
of a standard chemo treatment. It targets the cancer cells only. Eastern medicine brings in the botanical herbal and the ayurvedic medicine that supports the body naturally while challenging the cancer.

These treatments were combined in a overall protocol because they work and they help heal the patient at the root level while doing no further damage to the body. Patient survival rates are better with faster recovery times and better long term survival.

Integrative oncology has many distinct advantages here are just a few to highlight;

It helps patients face cancer from a different perspective than has been taught in the US. The American Medical Association teaches a fear based system of care, you must do these treatments or you will die. These more traditional treatments ease a persons anxiety and it shows
that the caner wasn’t created overnight and therefore there is time to do the right thing and be treated the right way without destroying the body.

Support is offered not only during treatment at the healing centers but also afterward when a patient may want psychological support and futher instructions.

Integrative methodology is not just about the patient, is encompasses the family as well. Often, when some one is diagnosed with cancer their whole family will be effected in one way or another. They could be anxious about whether their loved one is in pain, whether they will
live or die or what they can do to help. Family members feeling helpless is not uncommon.

These things can lead to depression for someone undergoing standard treatments because of all the nasty chemicals in their body and family members are effected as well seeing their loved one like that. These more traditional treatments help eleviate the depression and improve family
support as well.

Integrative methods helps to ensure that household members are psychologically healthy enough to assist their loved one through this crisis. Integrative oncology essentials as well as counselling are provided so this new way of living can be
transferred to home life once leaving the center.

Below are a few typical integrative treatments that qualified and knowledgable physicians are using today :

Hydrogen peroxide therapy

Hydrogen peroxides are produced naturally in the body from vitamin c. It helps challenge and neutralize the cancer cells. Regular intravenous treatments may also help to strengthen the immune system.

Green Juicing Protocol

Green juice feasting actually helps to stop the production of further cancer in it’s tracks. It allows the organs of the body to shut down, rest and rejuvenate. This in turns frees up the immune system to attack the cancer cells.

Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon cleansing is imperitive while battling cancer to flush out of toxins accumulating in the colon. You can have toxins trapped in your colon from years past, this flushes them out.

These therapies when combined with many more make for a powerful opponent against cancerand put the odds in the patients favor.