Implants Are Important Procedures In Dentistry

In this article we are going to look at the different types of dental implants available in
implant dentistry, including a brief description of each one. Before we start however, it should be made clear that implants are not simply for replacing missing teeth. They can be used for many reasons, and they come in all shapes, sizes and materials.

The first type of implant available in dentistry is a dental crown. The crown, which is made from titanium, is then attached to a tooth or teeth and will be fixed into place by an adhesive. In some cases an implant crown can also be used alongside a more traditional bridge. The implants will look like a natural tooth, but they are surgically positioned so as to resemble the original tooth, and look as if they have been implanted into the jawbone.

The second type of implant available is the bridge, which is made to look similar to a tooth, and is attached to the jawbone. The bridge is secured in place with screws, and is attached to the front of the tooth with metal wires. A small porcelain cap can be fitted over the bridge to protect it during operation.

A third type of implant used in this field is called the denture. This can be used to cover up a single tooth, sometimes referred to as an implant denture. An implant denture is also used to cover the gap between two teeth. The denture is fitted in position over the top of the tooth, and the implant denture then replaces the original tooth by pushing into the jawbone.

A fourth type of implant used in this field is called an orthodontic tooth. The orthodontic tooth is used to correct misalignment in the jaws. It consists of a screw that fits into the jawbone, and a metal implant that looks like a tooth.

A fifth type of implant used is called a false tooth, which can be used to replace a missing tooth. A false tooth is made from a plastic composite, and is attached to the top of the tooth.

The final type of implant used in this field is called an implant screw. These screws are inserted into the jawbone to hold the implant into place. Many patients find that these screw implants are not removable, so the dentist must perform an operation to remove them.

Implants are used for many reasons. They may be used to cover gaps in the jaws, to hold on to an over-sized tooth, to fix an irregular bite or to improve the appearance of teeth. No matter what the reason for the implant, it is an important procedure to undergo, as it is permanent.