How To Keep Smokers Teeth White

You know that the very best way to keeping your smile white is by quitting smoking. But, if you have yet to commit to quitting smoking now, there are a few things you can do to keep your teeth from getting discolored or permanently stained . Always brush your teeth. The recommendation is to brush teeth two times a day. If you can remember to do so, brush your teeth a third time for added protection against the discoloration that tobacco can do to teeth. If possible brush right after smoking and brush for two minutes. You might want to make use of a smokers toothpaste as well. These products contain alumina, baking soda and other strong cleansers to help get rid of tar and nicotine from teeth. If brushing your teeth after a cigarette is not possible or convenient, you can back up your cleaning regimen by using an anti-tar mouthwash made for smokers. Keep this with you at work or in your car so you have it ready to go at any time.

One important consideration to make is that smoking can damage more than just your tooth color. It can also wear gums down and put you at a much higher risk for periodontal or gum disease. Learn more about smoking and the effects on teeth at For this reason, you have to be vigilant about flossing every single day. Using your anti-tar or smokers toothpaste might be hard on your tooth enamel because of how powerful and abrasive they are. You can ward off tooth enamel damage by alternating smokers toothpaste with regular toothpaste every other day. If you cannot find a specially formulated smokers mouthwash try and use an anti-gingivitis formula mouthwash.

You want to work to keep tar and nicotine from embedding themselves in your gums and causing gum disease. One of the first signs of gum disease is bleeding. The more you floss and take care of your gums, the less likely you are going to have to endure this problem. Aim to floss your teeth once each day. Try rinsing your mouth with hydrogen peroxide from time to time. This will help clear away any remaining tar and nicotine from your mouth and it is an excellent natural tooth whitener. You might also brush with baking soda, but if you are also using an abrasive smokers toothpaste this can add to the potential for damaging your tooth enamel if you brush too hard.

Make sure to visit your dentist every six months for a thorough cleaning. Your dental cleaning will further eliminate stains from taking hold and or becoming worse. Also, your dentist can check to make sure your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be. If all of this sounds like it is a bit of work, just think of how much better your teeth will look. Smoking can easily yellow teeth and yellow them fast. The more you can take preventative action, the better your teeth and gums will be until you do decide to quit smoking. New and better options, some natural are being introduced on a regualr basis to help you quit this terrible habit for good. A habit which causes much heartache, costs billions of dollars and shortens the live’s of many individuals on the planet each year.