Liquid Oxygen For Improving Your Oxygen Intake

Oxygen is one of the most important elements in life that, unfortunately many of us take for granted. We smoke, step on the gas and belch fumes from our car exhausts, and even increase the production of harmful gases that compete with oxygen in the same air that we breathe in. Because of the rather alarming reduction in air quality especially in highly industrialized cities and communities, the oxygen present in the air that we breathe is becoming more or less poor in quality. Liquid oxygen is here to help improve your oxygen intake.

But what is liquid oxygen
In simple chemistry, it is the bonding of an oxygen molecule to another molecule to allow it to be delivered to the body through means other than through the respiratory system.

You see, in its natural state oxygen is a gaseous molecule made up of two atoms of oxygen. Its odorless and its colorless yet it represents about 21 percent of the air found in the atmosphere. Technically, you can convert oxygen into liquid form. You will have to melt it somehow to minus-182.962 degrees Celsius or minus-297.332 degrees Fahrenheit to turn pure oxygen gas into pure oxygen liquid. But, thats impossible, right? There has to be another way to make liquid oxygen.

There is, thankfully, and that is through the formation of oxides. One of the most common and most popular vehicles for delivering oxygen through the stomach in liquid form is hydrogen peroxide or H2O2.

When hydrogen peroxide reaches the stomach, it undergoes oxidation whereby one atom of oxygen dissociates from the hydrogen peroxide molecule leading to the formation of oxygen plus water or H2O. And this is how you supply your body with liquid oxygen.

At first glance there really is no merit to drinking liquid oxygen since the amount of oxygen that you get from the air that you breathe is substantially greater than the amount of liquid oxygen that you drink. For instance, breathing for a full minute can already guarantee at least 50 ounces of pure oxygen. How much liquid oxygen can you reasonably drink in one minute?
As such, if youre thinking that liquid oxygen is here to replace the air that youre breathing in, then youre grossly mistaken. Liquid oxygen is here to help improve your oxygen intake.
Remember what we said in the beginning how the quality of air we breathe is deteriorating almost on a daily basis? Well, this is one classic example where liquid oxygen can help. True we are still breathing the same amount of air that we breathe every single day. But there is no guarantee whether we are getting the right amounts of oxygen from the air.

It can also help if we go to areas where the air is naturally thinner such as in the mountains. At the very least, we can help preserve the optimum functioning of our cells by still providing them with the all-important oxygen even though we are breathing in unusually low levels of oxygen.

Liquid oxygen will not replace the oxygen we breathe. However, it sure is good to know you have a back-up plan when you do need it.