Do You Need To Relieve Finger Joint Pain?

Finger pain is not a new issue. In fact, finger and joint pain has been around for centuries and comes in many different forms, whether it be acute or chronic. To make the matter more complicated there is a large number of reasons and types of finger pain.

Your medical practitioners’ role is to work through your health history to attempt to determine what is the lead cause of your finger pain. I have listed some of the differing types of finger pain below to give you an idea of how difficult this can be to determine the type.

Arthritis is one of the most common causes of finger pain and the stems from the inflammation of joints that are swelling and that are causing pressure on surrounding areas. Warmth, swelling, and stiffness are all associated with arthritis.

The partial healing of a broken bone or fracture is another common ailment that leads to finger pain if the bone has not healed correctly or that has remained in a slightly splintered state.

Gout is another issue that can sometimes form in the finger due to a buildup in lactic acid that causes the acidic crystals to clump together.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is another cause of finger pain and while the major issue of this relates to the wrist, referred pain is often felt in the thumb in the way of a form of numbness

So now that we know that there are different types of finger pain it should make sense that there are several methods to assist in relieving the pain that falls outside of prescribed medicines. For finger pain that is caused due to inflammation try rubbing warm olive oil into
the skin around the site of the pain.

Also, use the olive oil as a rubbing compound. Eat foods that contain or that have been cooked with olive oil which will also assist in helping relive pain due to the natural anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil.

Another remedy that many swear by is another natural product from natures pantry. This combination is to be ingested and is a mixture of natural hive honey mixed with cinnamon. The natural antioxidants in the honey assist with any inflammation of joints reducing the swelling
and pain to a lower level.

The use of heating and cooling is also a method that those who are wanting to relieve finger joint pain use. The best method is to apply a cold compress to the affected area for ten or so minutes followed by applying a hot compress for the same amount of time.

While modern medicine can do wonders for a myriad of health issues that we may be facing, sometimes home remedies such as the above are the ones that give us the most comfort and freedom from pain even if only for a short period of time. If normal medication is still leaving
you in pain and maybe reducing the number of actions that you can perform with your fingers, then trying the above can only help especially if you find a solution that works for you and helps to relieve finger joint pain.