How To Choose The Right Dentist For Your Needs

Finding a dentist is easy but choosing the right one for your needs can be difficult. When searching for one, you must consider these suggestions from the ADA or American Dental Association:

– Talk to a pharmacist or visit your family physician to seek help.

– Are you are planning to move? Make sure you visit your current dentist and ask him or her for suggestions before you leave.

– Get recommendations from your relatives, friends, and neighbors.

– Know more about the community of local dentists in your area. You can get the details about them from the official website of the American Dental Association. Alternatively, you can look for their contact details in the telephone directory.

Also, the American Dental Association recommends visiting and contacting two dentists or more before choosing one.

What to Consider When Choosing a Good Dentist

Your dentist will be your lifetime partner when it comes to dental care. Thus, you must look for one who can make you feel comfortable. In finding a dentist who can meet your specific needs, consider asking these questions:

– What are their clinic hours? Do they match your schedule?

– Is the clinic located near your office or home?

– Where did he or she get his credentials and certifications?

– What is his or her approach to precautionary dentistry?

– Did he or she join any ongoing education workshops or conferences? How active was he or she in those activities?

– What kind of anesthesia can he or she administer?

– What arrangements can he or she make in case of emergencies outside of clinic hours? Most dentists refer their patients to another professional or facility when they are unavailable.

– Are the details about the fees and payment options given before scheduling the treatment? Ask the dentist for estimates on a few common procedures like full-mouth X-rays and oral examination and cleaning.

– Does he or she take part in your oral health plan?

– What are the policies his or her office implements regarding missed appointments?

If you don’t have time to conduct the interview in person, you can talk to each dentist on the phone. Jot down the most important notes and details because you will need them when finalizing your decision. After the phone interview, you must set a date and time for visiting each dentist.

Observe how he or she deals with patients. Does he or she look professional in his or her words and actions? Observe the staff, too. Are they helpful and eager to answer your inquiries?

Walk around the entire office on your visit, and observe everything you see. Is the entire facility clean or messy? Lastly, observe the dentist and his or her team when wearing gloves and other protective equipment during the actual treatment. Do they follow the standard procedures for sanitation and prevention of infection?

The answers you get for these questions will tell you how good or bad the dentist is.


A good dentist will show you how he or she loves the job. You will see this in their actions and attitude. Look for a dentist who shows sincerity and professionalism when attending to patients.